AddressM: reinventing address matching

Turn unstructured, incomplete commercial property addresses into the most accurate address strings yet. Don’t stop at the building or business park, go right to the individual unit with our HPID identifier. No other address matching solution gets this close.

Takes unstructured commercial address strings from disparate sources

Advanced algorithms standardise, then assign our unique HPID identifier

All the way down to individual unit level

Why do you need AddressM?

Benefit from the most granular property identifier yet, the HPID

Stitch multiple data sets together more accurately than ever

770,000+ more units identified than any other database

Simple API for easy integration with your own system

Delivering greater accuracy with HPID

Commercial assets can be anything from units up to entire business parks. So how precise is your targeting?

Our proprietary HPID identifiers are more exact than any other. They go inside properties to individual unit level, so you can make sure you’ve attached the right address to the right place.

AddressM is perfect for…

Address matching to common identifiers

Enhanced address look-up

Data cleansing and deduplication

Address standardisation

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