Our unstructured
data solutions work across industries

Presently we are focused on challenges associated with CRE data, however our proprietary data fusion technology can enable organisations in numerous sectors to unlock their data.

Our solutions can help in automating the extraction of CRE documents, such as tenancy schedules, investment brochures and lease documents, and with the making sense of address-based data sets.

We currently work with CRE agents and those in ancillary sectors such as:

CRE agents, investors and developers

Identify prospecting opportunities, increase efficiency and drive data led dealmaking.

Legal services

Data extraction and address matching for compliance, litigation and due diligence.


Market data and extraction to inform risk and enable higher returns.

Fraud and compliance

Address matching and buildings data to enable fraud detection.


Access to real estate data and accurate address matching for increased efficiencies.


Solutions providing legal and ownership data, and automated document extraction.

Our Solutions

Unlocking your competitive advantage


AI-driven automated PDF document and table extraction. Increase efficiency, streamline processes, and save time and money.

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Best-in-class unstructured address matching. We go deeper than UPRN to resolve internal building data using our proprietary HPID.

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