Data Fabric

The ultimate platform for detailed data analytics.

Market data analysis is missing a lot of important information because it’s based on incomplete data. This means you’re missing out on a lot of valuable information.

You need Data Fabric: the ultimate launch platform for detailed data analytics.

Data Fabric pulls together every key data source: addresses, ownership, valuation, construction, environmental risk, utilities, and more.

View your data from any angle, then focus on your next move.

Pulls together multi-source property data like never before

The algorithmically-driven platform connects, cleans, and normalises your data

(reduces data wastage by 20%)

Presents as a complete, objective set for any-angle analysis

Why Data Fabric?

The most complete view of data available on the market - all you need to measure success and get results.

Stay up-to-date with your data and don't miss any insights.

Gain valuable insights from all angles.

Over one billion dataset connections are at your fingertips.

Data is cleansed, normalised, and joined together to create a single cohesive dataset.

With no fuzzy metrics or AI output, we provide a completely objective view.

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You make valuable data decisions in commercial real estate, financial services, investment, law, logistics or utilities. Speak to our team, and discover how our solutions can give you the advantage.