Fields extracted by PDFx

What data does PDF Extractor extract?

Our PDF Extractor looks for a wide range of data from investment brochures, and extracts over 50 fields. But which fields are extracted, and what do they mean? Our glossary below explains.

Slice of type markdown_section

Tenancy schedule fields extracted

Where available the following tenancy schedule information will be extracted.

  • Demise
  • Building
  • Unit
  • Tenant
  • Property name
  • Lease start
  • Break tenant
  • Lease end
  • Area sq ft
  • Area sq m
  • Rent per annum
  • Rent per sq ft
  • Rent review
  • Estimated rental value per annum
  • Estimated rental value per sq ft
  • Comment

Extracting additional data points

PDF Extractor is continually evolving and can be tailored to a user's specific needs if there are additional data points required. There are a whole host of new fields that will soon be extracted as part of the PDFx offering.

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