Automated PDF data extraction and structuring.
Increase efficiency, streamline processes, and save time and money

PDFx captures data points from complex tables, tenancy schedules, investment brochures and lease documents in seconds

Manual data extraction does not guarantee accuracy and is time and cost intensive. Our machine learning algorithms have been developed with industry needs in mind, enabling businesses to commercialise valuable data sets faster.


your advantage

With advanced capabilities such as complex table extraction and the ability to address-match extracted addresses, PDFx enables fast and accurate access to data locked inside PDFs.

The most accurate

Continually improving machine learning model delivers market-leading accuracy rates

The best performance

Ability to process complex text, tables and forms, plus the system can be configured to your exact needs

Advanced capabilities

The only tool able to process complex text, tables and forms, the continually improving machine learning model delivers market- leading accuracy rates.

Save time and money

With data extracted 1,200 times faster than manual extraction, meaning data is available when you need it

Easy to review data

Review and amend extracted data points with a side-by-side comparison built in to the self service platform.

Customisable to your needs

Adjust the order and priority of data points extracted to suit your organisation’s needs.

Instantly extract PDF data using the self service platform

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