Maximise your data value using
the most granular location intelligence solution

Improve the accuracy of your records, with the most extensive and granular address base with unrivalled address matching.

ADDRESSABLE algorithmically maps raw address data to our comprehensive and granular master address list of location identifiers (tagged with our HPIDs), allowing your business to fully utilise valuable data sets for greater insight.


your advantage

Harmonise and unlock your data sets with the most granular and accurate address matching solutions, underpinned by our HPID backbone of addresses.


The most granular

The most granular UK address index, with x1.9 (4m+) more Commercial and x1.3 (10m+) more Residential address objects than OS AddressBase Premium alone.


Market leading match rate

Exceptional algorithmic matching rates 15%+ better than other providers based on UPRNs alone, providing >500,000 more unique commercial property matches.

Fuse additional data sets

Additional open, proprietary or third-party data sets can be fused, providing supplementary information.

Resolve data inconsistencies

The extended granular master address list is assigned an HPID, enabling the pinning of property data sets to a singular point of reference.

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